This conference is for you if ...

  • Your business is not growing at the rate you want it to; 
  • You don’t know how to achieve your next level goals; 
  • You have been struggling to figure out how to put systems in place; 
  • You have a side-hustle that you want to turn into your full-time business; 
  • Your business is growing and your success is scary.

I understand; past participants felt that way too.

When you come to BRIL Conference and learn from successful business women,
you will finally ...

  • Learn how to grow your sales;
  • Bring awareness to the purpose behind the passion in your business;
  • Be recognized for your contribution to the community; 
  • Protect yourself and your business from the unexpected; 
  • Meet the movers and the shakers in RVA.

For a day full of information, inspiration and intention, click below!

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