PRICE FOR EACH CATEGORY$3,000$5,000$10,000$25,000$50,000
PRE-CONFERENCE: logo on website with hyperlink, in social media campaigns and in all newsletters to target market,VVVVV
PRE-CONFERENCE: company name mentioned in all newsletters regarding the conference to 5000+ business owners in Virginia, branding on a national resource listVVVV
PRE-CONFERENCE: ad with hyperlink on conference website, company logo, name and info in social media posts during promotional campaigns, inclusion of company name in marketing campaign on radio and TVVVV
PRE-CONFERENCE: mentioned in all press releasesVV
PRE-CONFERENCE: branding to attendees, potential attendees and future attendees, event pictures will remain on conference websiteV
AT CONFERENCE: tickets, logo on signage and in conference program to attendeesVVVVV
AT CONFERENCE: company name announced by emcee on main stage, distribution of promotional materials in swag bags to all attendees, company name in conference program to all attendees, participate in raffle prizesVVVV
AT CONFERENCE: company tag-line announced by emcee on main stage, opportunity to present a prize to youngest attendee and/or attendee with most new connections and/or contest winner, preferred sitting in VIP area for representatives, access to VIP reception, photo opportunities with speakersVVV
AT CONFERENCE: logo and company name on swag bag, bookmark with company name and log included with book given to VIP's, present gift to emcee and each speaker (with photo opportunity)VV
AT CONFERENCE: present award to most promising UnBound RVA participant (with photo opportunity), receive community supporter award for supporting women business ownersV
POST-CONFERENCE: logo in video about conference, mentioned in survey to attendees, logo with hyperlink maintained on website for 6 monthsVVVVV
POST-CONFERENCE: logo and company name in conference video, brand included in survey to attendees, contact to raffle winnersVVVV
POST-CONFERENCE: ad maintained on the website for 6 months with hyperlink, mentioned in press release about the conferenceVVV
POST-CONFERENCE: access to attendees email database, first option to renew for following yearVV
POST-CONFERENCE: press release about company and the role in the community, representative included in the conference videoV