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Dr. Christine Kozachuk Women’s Life Literacy Expert is a native of North Carolina, USA. Dr. Kozachuk is an International Speaker, International Award Recipient, Entrepreneur, Author, and a Global Advocate for freedom and equal opportunity for all females of the world.  

Dr. Kozachuk owns multiple successful businesses RC Mobile Truck Repair Services for more than twenty-five years, Every Girl Wins Institute that helps women rewrite the definition of their lives and Co-Host of The Real Business Women Of Charlotte. Dr. Kozachuk was the Managing Director of eWomenNetwork, Charlotte chapter for over two years. She successfully opened and operated two fitness studios, Pink Ice Ladies Fitness Center and Fit N Free for Life in which she not only ran the studios but instructed and encouraged every client.

Dr. Kozachuk was named as International World Civility Ambassador for her leadership and the ability to direct important public issues regarding humanity and the work she does with women and girls globally. 

In 2020, The Governing Board of iChangeNations established a “Her Right Award” in Dr. Christine Kozachuk’s name because of her Life Literacy program with Every Girl Wins Institute.

Dr. Kozachuk received her Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities from the United Graduate College and Seminary International. 

Dr. Kozachuk has served on the board of Home4Me for over three years. Home4Me provides our teens and young adults in foster care with guidance, mentoring and encouragement at the time in their lives when they need it most.

Dr. Kozachuk’ s initiative mission Every Girl Wins Institute was approved on December 6, 2019 for a national proclaimed day on March 13th called International Every Girl Wins Day. On that day we stand together for freedom and equal opportunity for all females of the world.

Dr. Kozachuk has been recognized with the following awards:

·         2010 Give First Share Always by eWomenNetwork

·         2017 Share My Voice Award by Black Belt Speakers

·         2017 Leverage Leader Award by eWomenNetwork

·         2018 Women Add Value Award by iChange Nations

·         2018 Distinguished Leader Award by iChange Nations

·         2018 Astell Collins Global Inspiration Award by iChangeNations

·         2019 World Civility Award by iChange Nations

·         2019 Susan M Gibson Golden Microphone Award by Black Belt Speakers

·         2019 Vernet A. Joseph Productive Global Agent of Change Award by iChange Nations

·         2020 The Power of Collaboration Lifetime Achievement Award by Global Visionary Publishing

·         2020 Creator of Greatness Award Greatness University

·         2020 The Professor Patrick Businge Greatness Award by iChangeNations

·         2020 Productive Civility Award by iChangeNations

·         2020 30 Women by The NGO Whisperer

·         2020 Family Civility Advocate of the Year for Equal Opportunity


Dr. Kozachuk has written and co-authored several books including:

·         How Can I Create the Life I Deserve? (K.N.O.C.K. Formula)

·         Live Your Best Life-Walk by Faith

·         Letters of Love, Dear Loved One

·         The Chronicles of The Chosen-Living Life by Design

·         Do It Yourself Podcast-Step by Step Guide for Beginners

·         Meditation Mp3 Freeing Yourself from The Chains of The Past


·         Networking, Negotiations & the Power of No

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