Gutsy Gals Get More, LLC

Awaken Your Inner Gutsy Girl

  • Discovering your authentic self and the natural source of confidence deep within you.
  • Release any obstacles and limiting beliefs that stand in your way.
  • Reconnect with your gut feelings and inner strength for guidance.
About Roe

Roe is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, four-time bestselling author, TEDx speaker, Certified Business Coach, Feminine Leadership Facilitator and Managing Director for eWomen Network, Inc.

She’s the visionary pioneer of Gutsy Gals Get More, LLC. and go-to expert for women business leaders who yearn to break through their limits and current level of business to create more impact, income and influence without the struggles and sacrifices.

Her coaching circles provide unique experiences where you get to embrace your authenticity and feminine brilliance at any age so you can have absolute clarity and unshakable confidence in everything you do in your business and life.

Prior to starting her own business, she was a young Wall Street Executive, breaking several glass ceilings. Later on, as a partner with E*Trade, she grew her Stock Trading Company to Million plus in Revenues.

She creates a world where females have their voice respected; because she learned how to do it herself.