Nicole Bandes

CEO – Virtual A Team

Productivity to Profits: The Secret Recipe for Success

Not making the amount of money you know you should be? Are you overwhelmed and spinning your wheels working harder and harder for not a lot more?

There’s a secret to being effectively productive, the kind of productive that means making more money with less effort, stress and overwhelm. Most people don’t know the secret and that’s why they continue to be overwhelmed, overworked and stuck.  You’ve been conditioned to believe that time management just requires a better schedule, a slicker app or a smarter set of habits. Unfortunately, when these things don’t work, you get frustrated on top of the overwhelm. This secret is the one thing that will make all the difference in your productivity so that you can get out of the busyness of your business and start making more money. Without it, there isn’t a schedule or an app in the world that will help you to overcome your time management challenges.

Want to know the secret?

In this session you will:

  • Learn productivity principles that will help you work ON your business, not just in it.
  • Discover a simple and effective productivity system that anyone can use
  • Shift your actions so you get out of overwhelm and start making more money NOW!
About Nicole

Nicole Bandes thrives on making things easier for others.

As the founder and CEO of Virtual A Team, a virtual services outsourcing company, Nicole stepped outside of the box and created a unique approach to finding, hiring, training, and managing virtual teams.

With over 20 years of business experience, Nicole knows how to work with coaches and other service-based business owners to bridge the gap between traditional virtual assistants and high-end business strategists.

In her presentations, Nicole shares some of her insider tricks and tips to help her audience start down their own path to outsourcing.